T-Rex and a Snakie

There's a lot of things that are not fun about living away from Grandma and Grandpa.  But one teeny fun thing is that on your birthday, if you're a kid around here, you get sent a special birthday note with a whole $5 bill inside.  Score!

Me and this cute big boy were at Hobby Lobby the other day when he spied just the thing to spent his bounty on.  At $1.99 each, he even had enough money to buy his own paint-- which Mama is a big fan of.  Sometimes I get tired of sharing all my fun art with well meaning, yet sloppy kids. I really liked the paint set we got him because it was meant for outdoor projects so it sealed everything up real nice.

So last week we covered up the table and got painting.   Sister was especially excited to try out the watercolors.  I love the concentration they both devoted to each stroke.

He had Such a great time painting his T-Rex and Snakie.  And now they're all set and ready to play.

What a fun project, indeed.


Susi said…
It looks so clean lol when my 4 year old paints it is just everywhere...last time she painted her finger nails too...lol
Emily Thompson said…
super cute! You son looks really into the painting, I'm impressed!! Oh and I love your I am @llie section....

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