New Pillows

Until a couple months ago we were the proud owners of 1970's, brown, uncomfortable, low couches.  They drove me crazy often, but how can you complain with free couches?  I did comfort myself with two thoughts.  1.) I made some pillows that kind of spruced up the couches
2.) I knew those couches would not be leaving that apartment, which eventually meant new couches.

And with those lovely new pillows.

So I give you...

Snip- Snip- Cut- Cut- Cut 

I will mention the two of the far ends came with the couches.  I made the four in the middle.

And I do have to mention this pillow.  I made it originally and it's the only one I kept that didn't get changed up too much.  It's made from an H & M sweater I bought when I was in Europe.  I always liked the sweater, but it was a bit too boxy to wear, so I was really excited to make it into a pillow.  
I chopped off the sleeves and sewed up the sides.  I hand-sewed the bottom closed. Then I tucked in the hood into the V-neck and hand-sewed it down.

Then for this edition of pillow I cut out some matching fabric on the bias, folded in all the sides, and sewed it into one long strip, which I then tied into a bow and "knitted" into my sweater and hand-sewed into place.

Here's a look at our living room with our lovely new pillows.



annie said…
I've been making pillows too. I think it's a fun easy project.

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