Getting Ready

It feels like Christmas is in Full Bloom....but technically it's not even December yet. 
 Does everyone realize that?

We're sort of waiting until at least December to put up all our decorations.

Also we love to buy real trees and we don't want to have our tree all dried up on Christmas day-- so we're going to wait a bit longer.

However, to get us ready I did update the Chalkboard.
I loosely based it off this gorgeous print.
Makes me start singing every time I see it.

I did get out the Advent Calendar to hang up tomorrow-- or possibly tonight.

And Lastly, I'm sewing like a mad-woman to finish up the stockings as soon as possible. 
 I've got 3 1/2 done...only 1 1/2 to go.  I think I can make it this year!


I like to have all the decor up before Thanksgiving - so I can enjoy it for as long as possible and spend my time getting everything else together. Michael on the otherhand refuses to discuss the Christmas topic until Thanksgiving. then the other night he asked me when I plan to mail out all the gifts. . . . I said, "You know its not even December yet, right??" can you give me more than a week please? There's so much going on this time of year it comes up fast. I've been thinking lots about you particularly and hope you're feeling well.

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