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June 4, 2012

Sewing up your Bow Tie

Good morning, readers. 
A while ago I shared this post with U Create. So I thought I'd repost it here, too. 

Today I'm so excited to share a tutorial of how to turn your traditional bow tie into a velcro- easy to use bow tie.

What inspired me? Well, I excitedly made my boys bow ties from this tutorial (but I made them smaller and shorter)...a week later, I could Not figure out how to tie them...so Easter day they went in their normal church ties.  I knew something had to be done.

Enter this Project.

1. Traditional Bow ties
2. Velcro
3. Normal Sewing material

STEP ONE: Fold bow onto self  and pin.  Cut bows off the tie.

STEP TWO: Make a pleat with the top piece of the bow and sew down. Repeat for other side.

STEP THREE: Place the bow together, facing each other and sew together.

STEP FOUR: Now we're making the loop to go over the bow.
Cut out a rectangle (about 4" x 3"), fold in half and sew.
Flip inside out (I like to use crochet hooks) and press.

STEP FIVE: Fold in half and sew together.
Pull bow inside loop.

STEP SIX: Cut out velcro pieces (about an inch long).
Place velcro on the bow tie end, fold ends in, and sew in place.
Trim off any extra velcro that may be sticking out.
Repeat on the other side, on the other end.

Optional: If needed add extra material to one side to add length

Pull strap through the backside of loop.
Hand sew bow tie strap onto the loop to stay straight and tight.

Lastly, try 'em on.

BONUS: Use extra material to make a dress for the 1 year old.

Apparently I should have watched this video on How to Tie a bow tie (P.s.- I made this bow tie, too).

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