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June 25, 2012

Making some Business Cards

About two months ago I won a free offer from The 36th Avenue of 250 business cards.

I was super excited and that next day started working on my free cards from U Printing.

The site is really easy to use and I had a great time playing around with everything.

First I designed my front:

Then I worked on the back.

I liked the design...but knew it wasn't quite right.  The back was too plain and too similar to the front. 
So I left the project to give it some time to think about it.

And...I may have forgotten about it a teeny bit.

Today I realized I had only 5 days left to redeem this offer, so I figured I'd better get serious and commit to some ideas.

I was pretty much was satisfied with the front and wanted to keep it as it was.

The back however, I wanted to spruce up and make it more fun.

I decided I'd better start with this tree.

I made this tree when I was making the design for my blog.  I still really like it, but I wanted a different look for the back of the card.

I wanted COLOR!

So I colored it up a bit.

Here's my final card.



Now who needs a card?  I got plenty.


ARK said...

i LOVE them -- the shape is beautiful adn the colored tree on back is really stunning - LOVE!

Waseem said...
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Zmalik said...

Captivating design it`s unique idea to use abstract art to design your business plastic cards ....

Vinay Bhardwaj said...

very good unique design Free Business Cards