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June 6, 2012

Angry Birds Party!


"One day?" you ask, "That seems to be cutting it a bit short.  Why would you leave yourself so little time?"

Well, friends...I had planned on a birthday party for my big 6 year old to be a lovely outside pool party.  It was going to be really fun, really wet, and really easy.

The whole week before the party I kept looking at the forecast.  It was 95* when I sent out the party invitations.  However, as the time got closer I could see it was becoming very clear that this water party was not going to be in the cards with 60* weather, raining and windy like crazy.

So the day before the party I got BUSY with plan B.

I checked out the good old pinterest and conferred with the six year old and we decided together to plan a quick Angry Birds Party!

So we planned out 4 games:

1. Life-sized Angry Birds Game.

We had to make a life-sized Angry Birds Game.
 I started with the balls.  I had spent two days that week looking around at Toys-R-Us; so I knew they had these great balls that would be perfect for my game.  They were only $1.99 each.  Score! I grabbed three.

Here's how I made my angry birds and king piggie balls:

All done. The balls turned out just as I had planned and they were really easy.
(Ps. I took these pictures, below, two weeks after I made them...so they're a little worse for the wear.)
What's that birdies?

We'll be moving soon so we've been saving boxes for weeks now. So that made an easy way to set them up and make piggie towers from.

We scored the game as follows:
Knock down a box: 1 point
Knock down a piggie: 10 points
Knock down the King Piggie: 20 points.
The kids remembered their own scores.

We planned on playing out on the grass....but them it started getting super windy and then raining, so we moved under the cover of the garage.

2. Angry Bird Tag.
Um...we didn't exactly play this game (Hello! It was raining-- Darn weather). But, if we had it would have been really fun and have gone like this.  I made tons of balloons with birdie or piggie faces drawn really quickly on them.  I would have divided the party goers into two teams-- Piggie team and Birdie team, holding their balloons.  The birdies chase the piggies.  If a piggie gets tagged he has to sit down until all the piggies are tagged.

3. Piggie Stomp!
After tag I planned on all the kids sitting around on the grass and letting them stomp on the piggies until they popped. (This activity was postponed- due to weather too).

 4. Angry Bird Flipper!
Thankfully I had planned this nice indoor activity, since being outside was no longer an option.  Basically I brought those pom-pom balls, googlie eyes, construction paper, string, and glue and let the kids make their own angry bird or piggie.

Look what they came up with!
One piggie was given his own lego ship-- lucky piggie.- Ha, ha.
  After they were made we had everyone flip their birds, trying to get that King Piggie.

5. Angry Bird Cake
My new favorite way to make cakes is to cook them in two round pans and then have fun frosting them.
My son mentioned he wanted the cake to have an oreo frosting.  So I crushed up some oreos and mixed it in with the frosting for the inside layer and the sides of the cake. It was yummy.

Happy Birthday, Son, We pulled it off!


Shooting Stars Mag said...

You did an awesome job for just one day. Great job on the painting and the cake too. I'm not sure I could be that artistic...it would turn out awful, I'm sure. LOL I like the game ideas...bummer a couple of them didn't work out.


Big D and Me said...

Way to go Super Momma! Looks like lots of fun!

ARK said...

brilliant! Loving the balls alone -- my kids would die over those! PINNING!