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December 2, 2011

Vote on a Shirt! --part 2--

Welcome Facebook friends of Camp Kostopulos!

We've already done our preliminary voting and are ready for your help in deciding the next Camp K summer camp t-shirt for this upcoming  2012 summer camp season.

Take a look at each of the six designs and decide on your favorite!

Here's a look at all of the shirts together.

Now is the fun part.  Please vote on your favorite!

If you'd like more information on Camp Kostopulos, a summer camp for kids with disabilities, please visit their website


All-Red, but really blue said...

Great ideas, i like #1

KT said...

I really like 1, but I also like 4 a lot. Do I have to choose? Ok, fine. 4 wins. It's awesome.

Ladybird Ln said...

What a fun post, and great ideas... I really like 2 and 5. I am going to learn more about this camp, as a special ed teacher, I think these camps are wonderful!


annie said...

Number 2