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December 20, 2011

Homemade Gifts-- Cowboy Christmas Cookies in a Jar

We started a tradition of passing out cookies in a jar to our neighbors and my husbands co-workers each Christmas.

Usually I make Julia's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies-- but after 4 years I got tired of making them.

So I searched around for a more fun recipe.

Enter Bakerella.

She has a fantastic site full of beautiful, yummy looking treats.

I was eager to try her recipe for Cowboy (or cowgirl) Cookies this Christmas.

 They turned out awesome!

Here's what I had left after husband took 7 to work this morning. 


KT said...

Um, why do you have like 10 times as much presents under your tree then we do. We have like 3. 3 presents. That's it. I'm coming to your house.

I want to steal this cookie idea next year.

Nif said...

I love this idea. My Wyoming cowboy is now an Alabama redneck... but I think he'll love giving these as gifts next year. (I will, too!) Thanks, and I'm pinning this! :)

Big D and Me said...

I would LOVE this gift - want to move to Texas and be my neighbor :)