Homemade Gifts- 3 - in- 1 Game.

A couple years ago I undertook a Massive Christmas present idea to give to everyone in the family.  This was back when we gave gifts to each of my siblings. (Last year we decided it was time to draw names and just give to one family.  There are six siblings in my family so it started to get expensive to give to everyone + all their kids.)

However, in 2009 I decided to make each family a 3-in-1 card game using everyone's photos.  Have you ever noticed that Old Maid, Go Fish, and Memory are all basically the same game concept with slightly different directions?

1. Storage tins
2. Two photos of each person
3. Scrapbook paper for the back of each photo
4. Lamination
5.Printed off of directions

Back when I was just beginning to think about this project I found these tins from the dollar section at Target.  Score.

One of the biggest parts of this project was gathering everyone's photo.  But through blogs and visiting houses, I got everyone.  I did parents together and all the kids on their own.  I also decided to take the extra step to label the names, "Mom and Dad" for each family and "Uncle XX and Aunt XX" for all the other families.  So that was a little extra work, but I'm really glad I did it. 

I printed two photos per 4 x 6 page.

I had all my photos printed through Shutterfly, using a 50 prints free coupon (which helped a ton).

Once I got the photos back I used a paper cutter and cut out each photo and mod podged some scrap-booking paper on the back.  I gave each family a different color so I could easily keep track of which pictures belonged to which family.

After all the photos had paper on the back I took them to Office Max and had all them laminated.

Isn't this card funny?  My husband took several pictures of me attempting to be the Old Maid-- but it just wasn't working and I couldn't get a grumpy old lady face on.  He sat in the rocking chair and told me, "Here, do something like this."-- SNAP-- got his photo and we ended up using his photo instead of mine.

After the cards were laminated I made a sheet of directions to add to each tin.
(Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8x11 page to get the proper size)

This was a great gift and everyone really loved it, it did, however, get a little taxing when I multiplied the project by 6.  But I'm really glad I went to all the effort, because it has been a fun game to play with everyone.  And for the little kids it's a great game to play to learn everyone's names.

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annie said…
We love this game and I laugh my head off everytime I see the old maid.
KT said…
Hey! She stole my comment! Um, ditto to hers.
Ohh SUCHHH a cute idea! BTW, recently found your blog & LOVEE it!
this is absolutely adorable!
Shiloh said…
I absolutely LOVE this idea. What a fun game for your family. I will probably steal it.;)
oh wow, great idea. I made a game night in a bag type of thing for a friend's family...we spend a lot of time at their house, so i figured it would be nice to do something for them. this would be a great alternative for the future.


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