Easy 100 Day Lego Shirt

My cute Kindergartener came home with the assignment to make a 100-day shirt to wear this week for the 100th day of school.  Now, I've made a few of these in my day. 

But for this Lego-lovin' boy, Legos seemed to be the way to go!

This project turned out so simple and fun.

First I had him count out legos 10 at a time.(I encouraged a rainbow theme).

Pretty soon we had ten stacks of ten Legos.

Then I helped him shape them into the numbers 1-0-0 (keeping the rainbow theme, of course).

Then we found an old shirt. Remember this one from big brother's ninja costume in 2016? 
 Yep, that'll work.

I just quickly flipped the blocks over and added a light layer of hot glue. 

It's a tricky balance, because I want them to stay on the shirt the whole day...but I don't want the glue to permanently damage the Lego blocks.  

Easy does it!

Big boy, ready for a 100-day Celebration -- Lego Style! 


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