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December 10, 2015

Disney Princess Peg Dolls

My youngest daughter is obsessed with Princesses!

When asked what her favorite Princess is, she will gladly tell you, "Elsa-Punzell"  Because she can't quite just pick one favorite.  As long as she was old enough to pick up books or toys she has always heavily gravitated towards Disney Princesses.

We have very few of those items in our home, in fact, we only own three Princess movies.  But at the library and at friend's homes, she goes crazy if she ever sees a Princess.

And, as you'll remember, she was Elsa for Halloween (by her own choosing, of course).

For her birthday coming up, I decided to paint her some peg dolls.  

I really love peg dolls!

After I painting them all, I put them in a recycled speaker box and printed out this cute page from Lil Blue Boo

Here's the princesses up close, after I put glossy mod podge all over them...on a sunny day.  So the glare factor is turned Way up!  Sorry, about that.


 To paint my princesses, I didn't follow anyone else's princess peg dolls, though believe me, there are tons to look at.  I just went to bing.com and searched for their actual images, then made my own, following the original designs.
There are a lot of peg dolls out there with only eyes and whereas I think that's cute.  I think they look strangely muted.  So I insist on always adding little mouths of my dolls.  Girl's gotta sing, ya know.

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