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June 18, 2014

June is Made for Kids Month (Round up ONE)

Did you know June is Made for Kids Month?  'Tis true.

I've decied to casually play along-- when the kids are already wearing something I've made-- I try to snap a picture.  Usually on my instagram account and hashtag it #madeforkidsmonth.

Here's my first round up of some of the things my kids have been wearing.

We started on Saturday, with the kids wearing a bow tie and two dresses to their brother's baptism.

The my mother saw my post about Oliver + S' Sunny Day Shorts and made two cute pairs for my daughters.  These shorts are the best!

I'm counting this shirt since I "made"/painted it into a BYU shirt. 

Here's my daughter wearing her Little Miss Dress $1.50 pattern by Me.
 I made it size 2t, but somehow it still fits this almost 4 year old.

My daughters below are again wearing their Sunny Day shorts, as we got one of our Father's day gifts ready (more on that later).

This picture is from Father's Day and it really makes me smile.  Everyone is wearing something I sewed for them.
Dad and one of my sons is wearing a Gentleman's Bow tie.
My other son is wearing a School Boy Vest by Sew Much Ado.
My oldest daughter is wearing a Sally Dress by Very Shannon.
And my baby is wearing The Charlotte Dress by Mama Stellato.

Well, I enjoyed this round up-- how about you?  We're half way through the month, so there's more to come.

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