How to make YW Luminaries

 Remember how I'm in charge of the crafts this year for Girl's Camp?  
Well, after making those cute No-Sew headbands, the girls are also going to make their own YW Luminaries to bring to the testimony meeting at the end of the week.


There's a few idea for how to make these on the web but many are lacking in details for exactly what to do or buy.  
Plus I don't have a cricut or silhouette machine at my I had to think a bit outside the box. 

Here's a list of the Materials We Used:

1.      Pint sized mason jar (donated from the stake)
2.      Clear contact paper (purchased)
3.      Krylon frosted glass finish (I bought 8 cans from Amazon here)
4.      LED tea light (100 pack from Amazon here)
5.      Printed off silhouette paper (I printed off 5 sheets total).
6.      30” of wire (for each girl, I bought two pack of this wire.  This wire is really thick-- thicker than I meant to buy, but it turned out great, as long as you can muscle it around.)
7.      Newspaper

For the silhouette paper I made a simple sheet which you can use located HERE
We have a few girls that are coming that are not LDS, so I wanted them to have options for their luminaries. 

This explains each step.  
I printed off three copies of the tutorial and put each page in a sleeve protectors and tied them together with baker's twine. 

I'll only be there on the first day, so the girls need to know how to do each step without me.

I can't wait to see how their luminaries turn out!


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