The Sweet Sweater Dress-- a Revisit

I really love having two girls in a row and being able to have the younger wear all the same clothes as her older sister (with a few exceptions, of course).

Remember this dress?

Last seen HERE on big sister when she was a little younger.

After washing this dress the whole thing needed a real solid ironing, which I did.  It was then that I decided the bow needed a better sew job.  Big sister would always take the bow and try to rip it off, since I had only sewed it in place at the middle.

This time I hand sewed around the entire bow, making sure everything stays in place and she wasn't even tempted once to rip it off. 

Here's the lovely sisters today...

distracted by my neighbor walking out with her dog.

All ready to head out the door for church, cute as can be!


KT said…
Look at those adorable braids! Whoa! :) Cute girls.
Emily Thompson said…
adorable! I have two boys and they have been able to wear almost all the same clothes!! I love it!!

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