4 No-Sew Headband Printable Tutorials

I have been asked to be in charge of the coming up Girl's Camp Craft activities.

They asked that I prepare 2 - 3 different crafts.

I tried to think of crafts that weren't sewing.  I tried.  Well, I think you can still count it, since there are no needles involved in this first craft.


Well, I took away the needles and replaced them with hot glue guns.  And since I'm only going to be up there one of the days I decided I better make some clear tutorials for the girls to follow. 

So I had fun last week capturing each step so the girls would know what to do when I wasn't there. 

They only get a half an hour to make their crafts so for the headbands I wanted them to have options. 
 I put them in order from easiest to a little tricker.

The Easiest: The Twisted Headband
This headband idea comes from this tutorial from Sugar Bee Crafts.

Easy: The Big Bow
I made this one up.

Not Too Hard: The Knotted Headband
This headband idea come from this tutorial.

A Little Tricky: The Knitted Headband
This is a really cool tutorial from V and Co for a bracelet. 
 I thought it makes a really fun headband + it's fun to make, too.

Click HERE for the 4 No-Sew Headband Printable Tutorials.

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Unknown said…
Lovely headbands! Love the braided one :)
Mandy Beyeler said…
looks great - they'll be a hit!

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