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April 3, 2014

The Sweet Simple Dress-- Looking for Pattern Testers!!

In a perfect world I would have written this post a month ago, so I could have had my new pattern all done and tested with plenty of time for the Easter sewing still ahead...but alas here we are.

I am Super excited to start testing on my new pattern 
The Sweet Simple Dress sizes 0 - 4t!!!

The Sweet Simple Dress is meant to be just that-- Simple..but also really sweet.

The simple refers to the fact that there are no zippers or buttons.  It has an elastic casing which slips easily over the head. 

The Sweet refers to all the fun ways you can customize this dress. I have included many ways to customize it in the pattern, as well as a few ideas you could easily try, to change up the dress again and again.

Here you'll see this cute gathered flower on the left and a gathered tiered neckline on the right, both included in the pattern.

Here's a fun option for changing up the hem.
Single stitch with gathered hem or using a double needle.

The sleeves are kind of my favorite.  They're super easy to make and really add that feminine touch.  I don't know if there's a real name for it...but I'm calling it the pleated puffed sleeve (Anne of Green Gables, anyone?)

 This simple dress is really easy and quick.  
Perfect for a first sewing project or a quick afternoon sew.

If you're interested in being a pattern tester please fill out this form HERE.
I'll be contacting people by Monday, April 7th.

** Important:  The sewing and testing will need to be done by Friday, April 18th**


Hanna Caldwell said...

Super cute dresses! I've made a few dresses similar but I love the pleated puffed sleeves and the ruffles at the neckline and hem.

KT said...

that is super cute. :)

Katie said...

I love it but don't sew, like at all. :(. Need it tested by wearers?! :)