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April 22, 2014

That Easter thing, we do.

So for weeks I've been sewing vests, dresses, and then Saturday night I decided on a whim to sew up some new bow ties for the boys.  I had everything all ironed and ready for Sunday.

My husband agreeingly humored me by taking pictures of us all real quick before Church.

Thus we were five minutes late.

But look at those darling kids?  

As we pulled out for Church, after all that preparation he asked, "So...is this a thing now?...Where you go all out for Easter?  Is this a thing that we do?"

It was then that I reminded him of every other last Easter where I've sewn things for the kids.

Examples here, and here, and here, and here

"Yes", I told him, "it is a thing.  Once a year it's really fun to sew things for the kids and have them all matchy, matchy.  Especially while they're still young enough to kind of think it's cool."

Then my husband gave me a real shocker when he asked me, "Well, where's my bow tie?"  
He'd never shown any interest in a bow tie before.  I did think about sewing him up a matching bow tie with the boys but felt pretty sure he would think it was too geeky to match his sons.  Who knew?  I told him, "I had no idea you wanted a bow tie.  I sew you one tomorrow."  
To which he replied, "Why don't you put an order in for me next Easter."

As long as everyone's happy.


KT said...

Adorable pictures. Everything turned out so cute.

Tracy Roach said...

Oh my goodness - you did an amazing job on everything! And your kids are so cute!

Without Directions said...

I think your outfits are fabulous and as one who also goes all out for Easter I totally approve. ;)
This year was the first time my husband let me sew for him. I felt quite privileged.