Ruby Snap

I seriously have the best children (see Husband) Ever.

Want to know one of my gifts for Mother's Day this year?

That's right 12 delicious, delectable, yummy, stupendous, amazing, gourmet cookies all to myself. 

I sincerely Love this cookie shop.  Each cookie is so amazing, soft and delicious. The trick is to eat slow enough to make sure you're savoring each bite.

It does, however, make me wonder what's going on with my homemade cookies, since they taste nothing like these little drops of heaven.

And now I leave you with this mouthwatering picture.  One of my favorites.


KT said…
Big D and Me said…
once you figure out what's wrong with your cookies let me know, I make the worst cookies and for the life of me don't know why - ironic since I love cookies and could eat them all day every day. That is an amazing gift!

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