The Shorts with Darling Pockets Tutorial!


I did it.  Got my tutorial ready to share with you.

1. 1/4 yard of Fabric
2. Elastic
3. Sewing materials.

 STEP ONE: First thing we do is cut everything out.  
I shared a bit about how to cut out your shorts using a guide here. 
 STEP TWO: Now we're going to sew up our shorts.  
First thing I do is head over to the ironing board and get everything ironed down so the hemming is real easy.

STEP THREE: Now we're going to sew up the legs.

 STEP FOUR: Next we hem the bottom of the shorts. 
 I wanted a cute wavy hem. Do this for both pieces.

STEP FIVE: Now we're going to sew the two short pieces together.

STEP SIX: (please excuse this next picture-- I don't know what happened to it).
But it still shows how I sewed the shorts together.  
Then I cut the very bottom of the shorts so they would fit together well.

STEP SEVEN: Now we're going to put the top of our shorts together and add the elastic.


STEP NINE: Now it's time for the darling pockets.

STEP TEN: Now we're going to add the rectangle to the pocket.


STEP TWELVE: Sew the pockets onto the shorts. 

All done!!

See ya later!


mosy said…
Really cute.

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