KCWC- Day 3

I really like doing these simple 1-hour projects.  Sometimes I have trouble starting my sewing projects because I have serious trouble walking away once I've gotten started.

Which can be a problem when you've got three small children or have to do important things like making dinner-- eh.

But allowing myself one hour only is very swell and allows time for all that other very important things I should be doing each day.

I enjoyed making my shorts so much for day 2, that I decided to make some more on day 3.

I only had a teeny bit of fabric, but I really wanted to use it because I knew it would look so cute. 

It's left over from my Quiet book.

You can see it here on the barn:

Here's a super basic, How To cut out Simple shorts.

You can see there wasn't much room so these shorts were going to be small.

So this is how to cut out your shorts.

I'm still putting together that Tutorial on how to fully make shorts.

But I did make these shorts different than the other ones.

Here's the two things I really like about the shorts:

You can see they're a lot smaller here.

It's okay, I've got good plans for them (giving them to my friend with the cutest little daughter).


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