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April 13, 2012

Freshly Featured Friday # 5

Today I'm be Featuring the blog

While I was clicking through my pictures looking for my next follower to visit, I saw this picture which really stood out-- so I had to click on it.  Low and behold it was Homemaker on a dime-- a fabulous blog that I visit all the time!

Grab a Freshly Featured Button.

1. You know I have to start at the very beginning-- who is behind Homemaker?

 Doesn't she seem extremely sweet?

2. One of the biggest reasons I'm visiting Homemaker on a Dime all the time is to take part in her Bloggers' Party & Hop.  I love linking up my creations as well as seeing all the other creative things others are making. I love how she encourages the bloggers to get to know each other, too.

3. The other reason why I LOVE this blog is because she's so positive, upbeat, and Helpful!  Here you'll find a helpful post about decorating your home. Her posts are so well thought out and nicely stated.

4. While vising the blogs when I'm on my "FFF" tour I love to click on their most popular posts.

Click here to see this post on her Divine Roses made out of silk fabric.  Wow, who knew you could make these beautiful flowers?

5. While I happily looking around her site I noticed a button I had never seen before.

What? How have I never noticed this Creative DIYers Club button?  She has a Whole other blog. Here is her other blog where she features the best do-it- yourself projects all in one place.

Here you'll find posts like this one for the piano repaint where she talks about it and links back to the creator.

Wow, two fantastic blogs.

Please be sure to visit Homemaker on a Dime


SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

What an honor! Thank you so much :)

Julie E said...

I had know idea SJ had another blog either. Thanks for the heads up. :)