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September 1, 2021

How to make a Bubbles Singing helper for Primary singing time

I made this last week to help in singing time.  I received lots of questions on facebook, about how I made it and how to used it, so I decided to write it all down in this post here.

First, HOW to make Bubbles.

Supplies needed:
- a box ( I used a leftover dish box)
- a balloon (pink)
- paint supplies

I googled a picture of "girl blowing bubble gum" and liked this image.

Then, I did a quick sketch on my box.

After the sketch, I painted it with simple acyclic craft paints.

Afterwards I needed a hole.  It looks a little crazy, but the easiest way to do this was to grab a steak knife and just go around to make a small hole.

Yeah, all done!  Next, you add a balloon to her mouth.

From the back.

Attach balloon pump:

That's it!

I also made little "popped gum pieces" out of leftover paint on bright pink paper.  After the paint had dried, I ran my two pages through the laminator and then cut them out.

I used them on my Chart Tablet, which I talked about in yesterday's post. 

Here's How to use Bubbles in Singing Time.

First I explained that we had a new primary child.  I brought her out. I said, "This is Bubbles, but she doesn't like to sing our songs.  She's a little naughty, she only likes to eat bubble gum." 

Then I explained how maybe she can help us:  When her bubble grow large, we can sing loudly!  When her bubble shrink down, we can sing softer.  I only used her for songs we had already been singing for a few weeks.  I think she's best for review.

Then I took her air out quickly and exclaimed, "Oh, NO! Bubbles' gum popped all over our song."  At this point you or your children can come up and put the "popped gum pieces" to cover up words in our song on the chart.

Worked like a charm. Can't wait to have her back at Primary.

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