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July 2, 2019

The Perfect Scripture Case.

I did it!  I finally released my Perfect Scripture Case pattern for sale on my Etsy shop.

This project has been FOUR (!) years in the making.  I began with my first scripture bag for my son when he turned eight.  Then I tried again with my next son's eighth birthday, this time I wrote down some directions and took a few pictures.  When I made it for the third time for my daughter I decided to take serious notes and turn this into a pattern to sell for others.  

At home I playfully referred to this project as, "My Mount Everest of Sewing".  It was very complicated and I was 100% starting from scratch with loose ideas in my head.

I knew exactly what I wanted -- a zipper case, thick with padding and of course, LOTS of pockets. After checking the market I couldn't find anything like what I had envisioned in my head.  So I made my own.

The Perfect Scripture Case is made to fit one regular sized Bible and Book of Mormon, a Bible and a Triple Combination, or a regular sized scripture Quad.

This advanced sewing pattern includes: A fully padded scripture case- using flex-foam, two soft perfect-fit handles, two zippers, three fully lined pockets, and all finished seams!  This part I was very passionate about!  All finished seams!  -- which of course, made this pattern a bit tricky to figure out.

But figure it out, I did!  I hope you have lots of fun sewing your own perfect scripture case.

And because the 4th of July is around the corner.  PS-- I love the fourth of July!  I've added a HUGE coupon.  I almost never offer coupons. 

 This coupon is for 50% ANYTHING in my shop:

Including my brand new The Perfect Scripture Case.  Please use the code: JULY4.
This offer is good for one month.

Happy Shopping.

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