A Spooky 8th Birthday Party!

Don't be fooled, this is not a Halloween party.

This is...

 If you know my daughter you know she's interested in all kinds of different things.  As her birthday neared we began to discuss her birthday party themes.  Every couple of days her ideas changed.  At one point we had an "art party", then "a craft party", and maybe "an animal party".  Her ideas often changed, finally, I told her we needed to get serious and make a last and final plan.  As Halloween is getting a little closer, I think she was inspired to chose "A Spooky Things" party.

When I showed her this post by Dana Made it. I think that's what really sealed the deal.  
She wanted to make a cute rock ghost town. 

So, we got to work planning the rest of the party.

Once the 7 guests arrived, we began by playing Ball-ooooon ball.  By keeping the balloons up in the air.

I found these awesome balloons at Target that you could pull a string and they would glow on their own.  The kids loved them!  Afterwards they all wanted to take their balloon home.

Next we played "Feed the Monster". 

I made "Mr. Monster' out of three boxes.  The base and head are made from large diaper boxes.  I hot glued left over green Yoda fabric onto the monster for the head.  The glued lots of white felt for the teeth and eyes.  Lastly, I safety pinned black fabric I had on hand, for the clothes.

I got the idea for Mr. Monster from this site

We gathered up eight balls we had on hand and put them in a Halloween bucket.  Luckily, we just happened to have crazy balls like brains and eyeballs, which the kids threw into the monster's mouth.

Our last game was Pin the nose on the witch.  This was a $1 Target find.
A Classic game, can't beat it!  We play some variation of this game at every party I've ever thrown, but usually I draw something.

And lastly, we did two crafts.  This $7 set was perfect from Target.  

I passed out each child two foam characters and we shared the pieces to decorate. 

As you can remember, my daughter really wanted to make a Ghost Town for little rocks.  I brainstormed how to use our recycled boxed to spray paint, cut out, and help 9 little kids decorate....and my brain began to hurt.  I decided to see what Hobby Lobby had and I found this set of Haunted Houses...it was Perfect!

Haunted House Craft Kit

We spray painted some rocks found in the yard and let the kids have at it. 

After our games and crafts were done, it was dinner time.

Dinner was watermelon and pizza!

For dessert I made these fun monster cookies.
These sugar cookies are so simple and delicious 
and you can't beat this awesome, fun Glace icing.

We cut out egg shaped cookies and went around with different tinted glace icing all crazy like (you can't go wrong). 

Then we topped them off with some Wilton candy eyeballs.

Not surprisingly, this girl wanted creepy Strawberry Monster cupcakes.
They were pretty simple to make and very creepy to eat. 

What a fun party!  We sure love our spooky-loving girl!


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