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April 20, 2017

What I Sewed-- EASTER Edition!

Each Easter I get the biggest joy out of sewing matching outfits for the family.  Sometimes I do just the kids, which is fun.  But this year, I found extra hours in the day and was able to sew a little something for everyone in my family.  JOY!

Here's the breakdown of what everyone was wearing.  

The boys got hand sewn bow ties, from my own pattern on my Etsy shop out of cute nautical seersucker.  And my oldest is wearing some suspenders I made him a couple years ago.

My husband is wearing an actual bow tie.  
The pattern came from this free pattern.

I was so proud I actually learned to tie a real bow tie when he and I tried to put it on.  It took a lot of trial and error, but I've got it now!

For me, I sewed a skirt with a lace overlay from a pattern I bought from JoAnns no less than 17 years ago-- whoa-- right when I was out of high school.  I remember wanting to do some sewing with my mom.  I grabbed a couple "sew and cool" patterns and sewed up a few skirts and dresses.  But I never got around to sewing up this skirt pattern.

About a week ago I decided to give it a try.  It was tricky.  I've become so accustomed to Oliver + S patterns, which carefully guide you through every step with wonderful directions and clear pictures.  Without all my previous sewing knowledge, I'm sure I would not have been able to sew this skirt.  But I figured it out...eventually.  I even consulted the Oliver + S website when this skirt told me to do french seams, but gave no instructions on how to do so. Oliver + S to the rescue, as always!

The girls are wearing dresses I sewed from Oliver + S patterns-- of course.

For my younger daughter I chose the Garden Party Dress.  But this time I decided to try to do some smocking for the bodice. I did the easy version, using elastic thread.  I cut my bodice piece too long, since I was eye-balling it.  So my side seams don't quite match up-- but I'm okay with that.

For my older daughter I tried to make an a-line, fully lined, invisible zipper, gathered sleeves, bias-faced neckline Dress-- Whoa, mouthful-- using the Building Block Dress book.

Because my girl is so skinny-minny the dress looked too baggy on her being just the a-line dress.  So I tried adding a belt to cinch things in and add interest.  That worked much better.

I had so much fun sewing for everyone! 

Happy Easter 2017!

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