Designing With the Building Block Dress

It was my girl's birthday a few days ago.  About a month ago I asked her if she'd be interested in designing her own dress and I would make it for her.

  I told her she could draw whatever she liked and I would sew it.

With the tools the building block dress book offers, this really is an option.

Here's the dress she drew. I was worried about mixing a chevron print with polka-dots.  But a quick trip to Jo-Anns and I found two fabrics that worked out really well. 

And here we are!
The changes I made from the original building block dress really weren't that much.

I added piping to the bottom of the bodice.

I took two inches off the bodice and added about 4 inches to the bottom of the skirt.

I added lengthened the sleeves, since she designed a 3/4 sleeve.  
She wanted the sleeves to come just past the elbow.

I added a lining to just the skirt so it would be more bouncy.

And that's her dress!

She loved it!  She thought it was so fun to see the dress that she designed come to life.

This darling dress really encourages skipping. 

She just looks so darling in her new-- self-designed building block dress.


annie said…
It turned out super cute!
Unknown said…
What a clever way to incorporate your little one into your sewing. She did a great job with her design and you did an excellent job bringing it to life! Well done!
DeuxSouriceaux said…
Isn't that book great? I love parent-child collaborations. Very pretty dress!
zafaranidesigns said…
Love this! Its so fun to see their ideas, and even better when we can make them happen!

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