Easy to do Scriptionary-- YW Mutual Idea


This week for Mutual our activity is Scriptionary.  I kind of toyed around with the idea of making a gameboard or making this a bit more complicated. Then, of course, I came to my senses and made a fun, quick game of it.

Using these Scriptionary cards from Mormon Share.  
The whole thing probably took me ten minutes to put together.  

Here's what you need to make your own easy Scriptionary Game:
1. Scriptionary cards (strips)
2. 7 Paper bags
3. 1 die
4. Chalk/chalkboard

STEP ONE: On 6 bags write out the Titles: "Person or People" "Place" "Event" "Ordinance" "Song Title or Saying" and "Thing (s)". Then draw out six different sides of the die on each bag.  Or, you could just write the numbers 1-6.

STEP TWO: Print off the scriptionary strips, cut them out and place them in their coordinating bag. 
I did change just a few of the strips to suit my needs, I changed the temple one, to our local temple.  I changed the Prophet, to our current Prophet. And I did not use the one, stand alone,"action" strip.

The seventh bag is for the discarded strips, once you're done, so they don't get re-mixed back in.

Divide your girls into two teams.
One at a time, each girl rolls the die and picks a strip from the bag.
She has 90 seconds to draw what's written on the board.
If her team does not guess in time, the other team gets one chance to guess.
Team with the highest score at the end, WINS!


Unknown said…
We've done scriptionary before and had each girl make a few paper strips. This way, no one knows what they are! Thanks
Unknown said…
Is there another link for the scripture cards? I do not have access for the one in the activity desription.

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