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September 1, 2015

Book Review: Good Pictures Bad Pictures

Thanks to the recommendation of my sister, I recently picked up the book Good Pictures Bad Pictures from my local library. As soon as I brought it home, I sat right there on the floor and read the entire thing cover to cover to myself, to see what it was all about, and if I felt comfortable reading it to my children.  I did immediately.

The book is written for 7-9 year olds, boys and girls.  My husband and I sat down with our two oldest boys (1st and 4th graders), every Monday night for three weeks, read and spoke about a couple chapters at a time, for about a half an hour at a time.

I really loved this book. The entire book is simply illustrated and written in a conversational pattern, between a mother (and father) and his son.  They are sitting together discussing what good pictures are, and what bad pictures or pornography are.

She explains what bad pictures are and what an addiction is.   The mother explains the brain and why it is important to protect our brains from seeing images like that. And how these bad pictures can trick the brain and begin an addiction.

She explains the "feeling brain's" curiosity and helps make a plan in case these images are seen. 

In today's world, this topic cannot be taboo.  
There needs to be an open discussion and a deliberate plan to protect our innocent young. 
I recommend this book wholeheartedly!

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