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April 8, 2015

21 Pillowcases

This year the young women I work with at Church are focusing a lot on providing monthly service to others.  It's a great opportunity for growth and selfless thinking.

As we were brainstorming ideas I put my vote in for making pillow cases for the organization ConKerr Cancer.  I first heard of this organization from Made.

Of course, you know, I am a heavy sewing enthusiast so pairing my love of sewing, teaching that skill to the youth, and being able to give a cheery gift to others was the perfect service activity.

The girls jumped into the activity head first!  They were so awesome.  At varying levels of sewing skills they were all able to make at least one, sometimes three or four pillow cases.

We followed this tutorial by Made.

They really did an awesome job and learned a lot.

The pillow cases turned out so bright and cheery.  We couldn't wait to deliver them.
A couple days later I washed all the pillowcases, ironed them, and packaged them up to be delivered to our local hospital.

21 pillowcases, ready to go!

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