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September 24, 2014

Skirt + Shorts (+ Round - UP)

My girl had her birthday a couple days ago. So, of course in preparation I had to make her a couple things.

Up first in my mind I wanted to make her a play skirt with shorts attached.

I was looking around Jo-Anns when I spotted this darling soft, knit material.  I knew she couldn't resist those cute animals.  In fact, she found a scrap of it laying around and grabbed it and carried it around with her, even to soccer practice, afterwards declaring it her bookmark.  

Always a good sign she'll like the project.

Well, I spent some time finding some good ideas for skirts + shorts on the web.
  So I gathered a few up:

It's Always Autumn has a simple tutorial HERE.

how to make a gathered skirt with attached shorts sewing tutorial

Crafterhours shares her ideas Here.

Crafterhours also shares this Free full pattern via Craftsy Here.

Monkey Bar Skirt

Ultimately I decided to go with this simple tutorial via The Long Thread

I followed her ideas for the skirt, though I made it smaller.  Her tutorial is for a size 6.  I was shooting for size 4. I also used my already printed out Sunny Day Shorts pattern from Oliver + S.  Since I wanted the shorts to be short I made them a size smaller and cut off some length before getting started.

Worked like a charm.  I probably completed this project start to finish in 1 hour or less.  Not bad for a 1/2 yard of fabric.


My daughter loves them!  The skirt/shorts are super comfy and just darling on her.

The perfect skirt for picking flowers in!


annie said...

Sure cute. I may have to try this for my skirt loving girl who we always make wear knit shorts under her skirts. Also, I can see you used a double needle! Yay. I still love them although I get a little grumpy because they break SO easily. I've broken at least three so far.

@lliE from FreshlyCompleted said...

Yes, I totally bought it because you suggested it! I even used it once when all my normal needles broke, using one side to sew through a thick bow tie. I guess I'm lucky!