Standards Night Jeopardy!

I work with young women in my church and we have activities every Wednesday night.  A couple weeks ago we planned out a Standards nights where we would play a game, discussing the For the Strength of Youth handbook and those standards. 

I searched around the web and found this really useful jeopardy game, made up from the For the Strength of the Youth handbook from YW Ideas from 2 Sisters.  She talks about the printable handout at the bottom, but I couldn't find the jeopardy question handout.  

So, using her questions listed in her post, I made THIS PRINTABLE

It worked out for the game perfectly.  I put it all together in about 1 hour.

Here's how:

STEP ONE:  Grab a poster board, some scrapbook paper, and print off the jeopardy questions (link above).

STEP TWO:  Cut out the printable question squares and the scrapbook squares (about 4" x 3").  Glue questions onto the back of scrapbook paper.

STEP THREE:  Placing it all on the board.  Glue the topic on the right side of the scrapbook paper and glue that in place on the board.  Write the amount number on the right side of each question's scrapbook paper.  Tape in place.  I did all my 100s-500s on the front of the board and 200s-1,000s on the back.

PLAY THE GAME!-- here's how--

-Divide the girls into two teams.

-Each team gets 5 minutes to study the For the Strength of the Youth handbook.  Encourage them to read different sections.

-Write team names on the board and write "Book" twice under each team's section.  They get two helps, in which they can consult the book to find the correct answer.  Once they use their help, cross out "book" on the board.

-Round one is the 100s side, round two is the 200s side.  Once round two begins, give the girls their two helps again.

-If a team does not know the answer (after one minute) the other team gets the chance to steal, by knowing the answer or using one of their book helps.

-Team with the highest points Wins!

There were large candies purchased for the winning team and weird gross things (spam, pork rinds, etc..) for each team to choose from.

This was a really fun night and the girl's had a blast!  It was also an excellent way to study the For the Strength of the Youth handbook.  What a beautiful resource for them to understand.


Jenna Oviatt said…
Thank you for sharing this - it is exactly the resource I was looking for this week for our combined YW activity. You made it easy and attractive. Our girls will enjoy this!
Thank you so much for the printable! What a time saver.

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