Schoolboy Vest Pattern

I did some really awesome sewing for my boys the other day.  Sewing for the boys?  Finally, unfortunately I do not do a ton of sewing for my sweet boys.  

 There's just not a lot of options out there.  
So when this schoolboy vest pattern came out by Sew Much Ado, I had to jump on it.
This is a really awesome pattern, which includes a fully lined vest pattern.  You can go casual or more fancy.  I had Easter in mind, so I definitely had more fancy on the mind (matching girl dresses to come.)  The pattern includes directions for professional looking tie straps in the back and how to make the pattern fully reversible.  It also has directions for welt pockets or faux welt pockets (which is what I did).

Let's take a look at those handsome little devils.

They totally LOVED this look and their matching vests.

And those cute gentleman's bow ties?  From my pattern found in the shop HERE

I asked them to show me what they'd look like with their vest unbuttoned.

Wow, handsome.

And lets see those suspenders.


You can grab this darling Schoolboy Vest Pattern by Sew Much Ado HERE.


Sara said…
They do look handsome! I love it!
Oh they look so adorable in their matching vests! Handsome little men :)
KT said…
So awesome. They look so great.
Hilary and Eric said…
The boys are too cute. You have trained them well. (Can you say future models?)
Sew Much Ado said…
That last pic is seriously so cute, I love their suspenders so much! Thank you for all your help!

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