A New BYU Shirt-- DIY

A couple weeks ago my boys left for a really fun boys weekend to attend the Wisconsin vs. BYU game.  About 1 hour before they left we were checking to make sure everyone had their BYU shirt-- it was then that we realized that my oldest did not have a shirt.  

What?  How did that happen?  Well, that little stinker has been growing...and grew out of his shirt I made him last year.  It actually fits his younger brother perfectly now.

Well, I actually had the blue shirt and was planning to make him a new BYU shirt-- I just hadn't gotten around to it.  I can't resist the end of the summer season deals.  I can usually find shirts at Target for around $2 so I always try to stock up.

Well, for this shirt I wanted something very specific-- a helmet with a Y on it.  I started by making my own helmet, thinking I could add a Y.  But then I thought I oughta google this thing and make my job easier.

Then I found this image via this site:

I cropped everything out and saved up the helmet to use for my pattern.  It's pretty pixilated, but it did the job.  Click HERE for your own helmet.

Then the rest was just like last time.

Traced the image onto freezer paper, cut it out with an exact-o knife, ironed it in place, then painted two layers of fabric paint onto the shirt.

Then the shirt was OFF on it's way to Wisconsin with instructions for my husband.

Once completely dry, peel everything off, iron down with a towel in between. Enjoy!

Game DAY!  I was sent this picture in the morning.  Darling boys!


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