How to Sew a Super Simple Hooded Bathroom Towel

Okay, I've got a great 20 minute (if that) sewing project for you.


1. Towel
2. Washcloth or hand towel
3. Ribbon

There are two options for sewing a hooded towel.  The easier of the two would be just to use a washcloth.  I would have done this, except the coordinating washcloth that I picked was super teeny, too teeny to work for me.  So I grabbed a hand towel.  If you're using a washcloth step this first step.

STEP ONE: Fold your hand towel in half and cut as shown.

STEP TWO:  With right sides together, sew a straight stitch and a zigzag along the edge, as shown.  Then flip right side out.

If you're doing the washcloth, fold the washcloth in half and sew up the top of the washcloth (not the back, like I'm doing with the hand towel.)

STEP THREE: Pin ribbon along edge of hood and sew in place.

STEP FOUR: Fold big towel in half and place hood, folded in half in the middle of towel.

STEP FIVE: Open towel up and pin hood in place.  Sew a straight stitch and zig zag to hold hood in place.

That's it, super simple, right?

I love these super simple hooded towels.  
FYI-- My doesn't-really-sew-often sister made the other three that I have.  It's an easy project that makes a great baby shower gift.  I've made two others for my friends' babies.

This towel was made for baby.  She pretty teeny, though, and it makes it pretty tricky to model the towel

So after a couple of rolls...

I put it on sister so we could get a good look at it.


Unknown said…
These make awesome birthday presents for little kids! I posted on Craft Gossip with a link to your tutorial:

I love the tutorial and towel. I put it on Pinterest under my DIY's I Love. One question, if making this for bigger kids, how would it fit when using a hand towel? Or should I just experiment? Looking for a handmade and quick gift ideas for my 13 grandkids, ages 4 months to 18 years. Thanks for the idea.
KT said…
hmm, it appears i did not make one for your cute baby. I am such a dang slacker! Sorry. Can I blame it on my babies? I think it's their fault.

Anyway, I always use a hand towel not a washcloth and it seems you did this in a different way then me. I never cut anything. But your the pro....I am sure your way is better!

Super cute.
Mommy Evolution said…
Visiting from Ahola Friday. I'd like to invite you to my Friday Flash Blog, where you can share your best blog entry of the week! The party goes on ALL weekend at And who knows, you may just get featured next week.
@ Karen: I'm sure a handtowel would work for the bigger kids. Good luck. I'd love to see what you've done.
@ KT: I felt guilty begging the bed rest, pregnant lady to make me another towel, when I could do it myself. We love yours, though.

I would have liked to not have cut anything, but the hand towels I always grab seem too big.
Unknown said…
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