Quilted Christmas Stockings

I'm so happy I was able to complete our Christmas Stockings this year on time (i.e.- before Christmas came).  As some of you know I am literally expecting my fourth baby any day now and with those preparations, Christmas, and being a mother to the other three-- my days fill up fast.

But I had to get these done.

So now I can share with you my:

Last year I decided that I needed to make all new stockings. 
 I had previously made four and didn't really like the plainess of them, and my husband always thought they were too small.

So last November I went on a search to find a design for inspiration, that I liked.

I knew I wanted them to be colorful and much bigger than my first ones.

After some searching around I found these stocking by Meringue Designs.

Which lead me to her shop where I saw similar beautiful, colorful stockings.

I went to JoAnns that November day intending to buy color fabrics and do a similar design.
I walked out, changing my mind a bit and going for colorful-- yet more holiday themed fabrics. 
And who could resist all this fabric being 40% off, too?

I decided I'd try to incorporate pieces of each color theme in each other's stocking.  

I love the way they turned out.
They're big and colorful and each of the kids love them, too. 

I will mention, as if it weren't obvious, I did blot out the kid's names, since I don't like them on the internet.
But, they're there and they look really cute, too.

Fun project.
And I've got plenty of left over fabrics to make stockings for future children (like the one coming next week).


they look really great! I've been working on and off on Kelsey's the past month and I was telling Michael "random" is much more difficult than a planned pattern. but somehow still easier than re-doing them all. Seriously cute. Thinking about you in the coming week(s)!!
Emily Thompson said…
super cute! Yours turned out great. Good work on getting them done before the baby. Blessings on youe new little one!
Unknown said…
I love those!! They look so cute!! I wish I could sew - I would love to make stockings like these!
Gorgeous! Thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)
Emily Thompson said…
Hi! Just wanted to stop by to let you know that this project is being featured in my Christmas round-up! The link will go live Friday morning (US time) Thanks for linking up to Tasteful Tuesdays... see you next year :o)

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