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August 24, 2012


Hi, I'm back.

I'm done moving across the country now.  It took time, lots and lots of time.  But now I'm calming down and I can't wait to get started on all these projects I've been putting off.

I even made it over to Hobby Lobby today to pick out some really darling material so I can start sewing (as soon as I get my machine out of it's box).

But until that gets done I've got a quick post to share with you.

I sold a magnet yesterday in the shop and was excited to ship it out today.

Then I realized I needed new "stickers".  I make my own stickers that I like to tape on my wrapping before I send my gifts out.  My old ones had my old shop name, so new stickers were required.

Thus a quick project for me to work on today.

I uploaded four different images from my paintings, into PicMonkey and messed around with the size and look of each.  I especially enjoyed the "posterize" button, which can be found under the Effects tab.  With that button I was able to play with the number of colors and details and make each of my paintings look real unique.

When I was done I had made four stickers that looked like this.

I lined them all up and printed them through Microsoft Publisher.

They should have looked like this.

But I got this...apparently my printer is out of blue ink.  Red and yellow still seem to be going strong, however.

Well, I wasn't going to waste them.  So I pressed forward.

I cut my sticker out and wrote on top of it with permanent marker.

I prepared my magnet for a journey to Florida-- (I'm just now realizing I forgot to sign my magnet-- darn it!)

I wrapped it up and off it went.  Hope she likes it! 

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