Hello, Dear Readers.

Sorry I've been extremely Absent lately.

You see, I've been busy and regretfully have had no free time to create/paint/sew/blog/mess around.  All the fun things that I love to do have taken a backseat to this:

Going through everything my family owns and putting it into 1 of 3 piles.

Doesn't that sound like fun?

It mostly isn't.

But it must be done. We are quite Literally going through EVERYTHING we currently posses.  It's crazy.

But, to be honest I'm thrilled that I have a lot less items to be carting around.

We'll be moving in the near future to a new home-- far, far away and that means packing up and getting rid of the unnecessary.

Got plans for Saturday?

We'll be outside all day having a...

FYI-- I can't imagine my blogging will be returning any time soon, what with packing, moving, settling, squeezing in a vacation, unpacking, and trying to adjust to a brand new home.  BUT, when I do have time to make fun things, rest assured I'll be back and will be happy to be blogging again.


Kristine said…
I need to do exactely this!
Great post. :-)
KT said…
Dibs on the china doll. How much you want for it?? :)
Big D and Me said…
Hope the move went smoothly for you!

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