Family Home Evening Board

May I tell you a secret?

The best way for a family to remember to have Family Home Evening-- is to have a constant reminder on the wall to help everyone remember that Monday night is Family Home Evening night.A board is a great reminder to start and then soon it becomes habit and everyone remembers that Monday night is for the family.

Growing up in my family we had a "board" made of two paper plates.  It did the trick...but I wanted to make something a little looking. 

Thus my next project...

1. Small Magnet Framed Board, unpainted.  I bought mine from Roberts.
2. Alphabet Rub-On Book
3. Magnets
4. Clear Rocks
5. Paint
6. Pictures of your family printed out. One 4 x 6 and little pictures of each family member.

These rub-on books are So great to add fun fonts with.
For my FHE Board I wrote out:

After the board was prepared I made the picture magnets.  
You've probably seen these around it's a really cute/quick way to make this FHE board personal.

Okay, Now we're ready to Paint-- my favorite.

After I painted my board red I thought the color was too flat.  I like lots of colors and blended shades works the best.  So real lightly on my sponge brush I added two other colors (a light purpleish-red and a light blue) and went down the board in light streaks to add more colors and dimensions.

Now for all you people out there with cricut machines and silhouette machines this would be a great time to use it to write out "Family Home Evening".  

I do not own either of these machines.

But I wanted "Family Home Evening" to look nice and straight-- So I printed this out in the front "Honey Script".

All Done!


Anonymous said…
I learned the hard way with my similar board, that you will want to mod-podge over your rub on words......helpful little fingers that slide magnets over the words, will rub them off. Really cute project.
Ooh, that's a really good tip! You can already see little helpful fingers and finger prints all over the magnet board.

I'll have to mod-podge that-- Stat!
Unknown said…
That is so adorable. I love the red frame. Your family is also precious. The family night also sounds like such a wonderful tradition. Thanks for sharing!
CK said…
Fantastic project!
Kristin said…
What a great project! I love it!! And I agree with what you said about having it on the wall. Helps immensely. :)
Abby said…
What a great project, thank you so much for sharing!
Whit said…
I love this idea thank you so much for sharing. I love the picture maganets. I have got to make this and just add pics and the fam grows. thank you so much for linking up to my party Show and Share! hope to see you again this week!

A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW
Montserrat said…
Well done! This is a great project (made easy with your step by step photos). I LOVE the magnets!!!!

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