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September 28, 2011

Harry Potter

Wow, that was Super fun sharing my last Halloween idea...

I think I'll share another.

This was the first costume I ever created for my son...and let me tell you he was Ador-a-ble

I remember thinking as Halloween was drawing nearer, "Hmm, what outfit should I make for my son, now that he's old enough to walk around and enjoy Halloween?"

One day I walked into Target and quickly ran sauntered over to my favorite section.

The Dollar Section (who came up with this idea?  Genius.)

There I found these, "Wizard Glasses".

The costume pretty much came together right then and there.

 The breakdown of the outfit went like this:

After I purchased the glasses the only other thing I needed to buy was black material for the robe and some red felt and yellow felt.  We had everything else already.

Using one of his jackets as a guide I sewed up the robe (making it up as I went).

Then I drew the gryffindor lion on yellow felt and glued it onto a red felt shield and hand sewed it onto the robe.

Cutest little Harry Potter I'd ever seen.


Desiree @ The 36th AVENUE said...

Sharing on my FB page... SO DARN CUTE!

Jennifer @Miss Maggie's Place said...

He IS the cutest Harry Potter that I've ever seen.:)

Unknown said...

most adorable HP EVER!
new follower

Big D and Me said...

Great costume - my husband would love our family to go as Harry Potter characters

Melanie @ bear rabbit bear said...

He is so cute!! You did a great job!
Thanks for linking up to Things I've Done Thursday!