August 27, 2015

DIY +Simple+ Wild Animal Party!!

A while back my daughter had a Wild Animal Party!

When trying to come up with a birthday theme, we thought and thought and thought for quite a while.  She's kind of a hard one to peg down.  She generally likes most things and isn't especially attached to any one thing. We came up with lots of ideas, but eventually settled on Wild Animals. 

For the invitations she got to play dress up, which is always a Plus!
(I changed the name below-- just because I don't share my children's name here).

Once the guests arrived we play three games together and had one art project. 
 Add that with Pizza and Cupcakes and it was a dream four-year-old birthday party!

First Game: Knock Over the Animals!

Our first game was knocking over animal cups that I painted.  
To hear the crash of the cups was so much fun.  Each kid couldn't wait to try.  
We played this three times.

Second Game: Pin the Banana on the Monkey!

As long as I am in charge of parties, there will be the game, Pin the (object) on the (object). 
 I've done it for all of our parties! 
I had little cardboard cut out bananas, where the kids tried to pin (tape) it onto the Monkey's hand.

Third Game: Going on a Bear Hunt!
I asked my husband if he would plan a game this time.  He's pleasantly agreed. 
 Here's what he came up with.  
The game starts by reading the book, Going on a Bear Hunt
 Before the last couple of pages you stop (right before they go into the cave).

Then you read the clues
#1: It's our turn to go on a real Bear Hunt. Who's Ready?  This animal has a clue, but we need to find him first. This animal eats bananas and swings in trees. He hides in your house, under the key. (answer: a monkey, in the cupboard.)

#2:  This animal lives in Africa and has a big horn.  You can find him in the room with toys, not corn.
(answer: a rhinoceros, in the toy room.)

#3: Your next clue is with an animal who likes to hop.  You can find her in the room of your Pop.
(answer: a bunny, in Dad and Mom's room.)

#4: The next animal stands on one leg and is pink.  You can find her somewhere in this house watching TV, I think.
(answer: pink flamingo, by the TV)

#5: The next animal has lots of spots and is just a baby.  Look in the boy's room, for luck, just maybe.
(answer: baby dalmatian, in the brother's room.)

#6: This next animal is big, strong, and it can really go.  Perhaps you could say he is buff and low. He is in the green room, under the water.
(answer: buffalo, under the upstairs sink.)

#7: This next animal carries his house on his back and tastes great in a stew. He's now in a pot getting ready for you.
(answer: turtle, in the pots and pans.)

#8: Last clue in your bear hunt! Go to the place where towels are kept. But be careful we haven't found that bear yet!
(answer: Big Bear in the linen closet.)

Last clue on the big bear: You found me and I'm now yours to keep!  For your helpers, here's a special treat!
(a box of animal crackers for each guest.)

This is the only picture I happened to capture from this game.  Too much fun being had.

The bear hunt was So much fun!  The kids just loved going from clue to clue, running all over the house together!

One Art Project: Wild Animal Art!
While the kids were playing the first two games I had a fellow Mom help grab the kids aside to make their wild animal art.  She asked them which animal they wanted to make (by looking at my samples), then painted their hands accordingly on a small white canvas.  Then, helped them clean up and grab the next kid.

Then, while everyone was opening presents, I quickly turned their hands into their animals.  This was their "party favor".  These turned out so cute with their little hands.

But before presents, we had a quick pizza dinner, with "wild" fruit salad, and Pink Flamingo lemonade.

And of course, we had to enjoy our wild animal cupcakes.  These were real simple, I followed an idea I saw from Betty Crocker. 

Happy Birthday, Sweetie, you Wild Thing!

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July 14, 2015

My Painted Gallery Wall

This year my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage.
These ten years in many regards have just flown by, but there has been so much growth and changes that we've gone through together. When I think back to our early days, as newly weds, the time seems like forever ago.  
Isn't that life?

Last year when we purchased our home, we moved into a new master bedroom with lots of huge walls and blank spaces.  I was excited to use this space for a personalized gallery wall that I painted for my love.

This painting is definitely my favorite.  
This is the painting of the Salt Lake Temple where my husband and I were married for time and all eternity.

I painted it in oils and it took me about two months to complete.
Here's some iPad photos from my progress.

Here's some of the details.

I absolutely love the Salt Lake Temple, besides being married there, we used to live about five minutes away and visited there often.  It is beautiful and so special to us!

This is my second favorite painting. 
 I completed this painting in water color.  It is a minimalist painting of the beach.  For our honeymoon we went to San Diego, so it reminds us of that time spent there. 
 Plus the beach has always been a favorite place (California girl, you know). 
 The parts in the painting that look brown-ish are actually gold and shimmer in the sun.  It's a little harder to photograph.

This is my simplest, Love YOU painting.  It was done with acrylic paint, with the heart and You painted in my shimmery gold.  It was done on a small wrapped canvas.

This was a fun painting.  It is loosely based off this piece of art.  
I painted my wrapped canvas first all in this mixture I made that was blueish-greenish.  
Then I painted on the words and added the flowers around on the edges.
The Eternally is painted in with my gold, though it's hard to tell.

Lastly I added one darling photo from our wedding day.  
Photographed by the lovely Lemon Peel Studios.

What a fun project! 
I love the way it all came together.  
My husband really loves it too.  

July 10, 2015

The iPad Sewn Cover Pdf Sewing Pattern + Coupon Code

YAY!  The IPad Sewn Cover is complete and up in the Shop!

The iPad Sewn Cover PDF Sewing Pattern— this simple sewn cover with zipper offers excellent protection for your iPad or Tablet. Pattern includes three sizes to fit virtually every tablet. 


Final measurement for size Small (w: 6.5” x h: 9.5”), size Large (w: 8 ½” x h: 11”), size Ex-Large (w: 9 ½”x h: 12 ½”)

Sewn Pattern Fits: iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, Kindle, Kindle paper white, Kindle voyage, Windows Tablet, Nook Glow Light, Google Nexus 7, HP Stream 7, iPad Air, Google Nexus 9 Tablet, Lenovo Android Tablet, iPad. 
Plus an Extra-large size for those with extra-large cases, or other larger tablets not mentioned.

+17 page PDF file with full size pattern pieces. 

+prints on 8.5" x 11" paper 

+ Instant Download

Thanks to my pattern testers everything is all ship-shape and ready to go!

I even decided to add one more size, for all those extra-large tablets or those with real chunky covers.

Here's a look at some of the pattern tester's adorable iPad Sewn Covers. 

Ready for that coupon code?

Well, in honor of SUMMER, my favorite season. 
 I'm offering my readers 30% of Anything in my shop with the code: summer. 
 It's good until September 1st.

Don't forget to check out the iPad Sewn Cover here.

May 18, 2015

** Pattern Testers Wanted!! The iPad Sewn Cover **

I'm excited to be releasing my next sewing pattern: 

The iPad Sewn Cover— this simple sewn cover with zipper offers excellent protection for your iPad or Tablet. Pattern includes two sizes to fit virtually every tablet. 

Size Small( w: 6” x h: 9”) Fits:
 iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Nook, Kindle, Kindle paper white, Kindle voyage, Windows Tablet, Nook Glow Light, Google     Nexus 7, HP Stream 7

Size Large (w: 8 ½” x h: 10 ½”) Fits:
regular iPad, iPad Air, Google Nexus 9 Tablet

It is made to fit with a smart case cover or without.  
I made The iPad Sewn Cover because I just didn't feel comfortable throwing my iPad in my purse or church bag without something for extra protection. 

I actually made this case a year ago and it has really stood the test of time. 
 It is still in perfect condition and it gets quite the work out being carried from bag to bag.

Interested in becoming a Pattern Tester?

Please email me at:
Subject: Pattern Tester


May 7, 2015

Honor Bee Art

As I've mentioned before I work with the young women at Church.

It is a wonderful calling and I'm honored to see such wonderful examples of what youth now days are capable of.

Recently one of the young women in my ward completed her Honor Bee

 Besides being able to hand her, her honor bee medallion, I wanted to give her another little something special.  I thought about it for a while before deciding on a nice little piece of art, for her to remember the hard work that went into completing both her personal progress and her honor bee.

I sometimes forget how fun and quick painting with watercolor can be. 

 A couple years ago my husband got me this fancy watercolor set, where you squeeze the paint out of the tubes and add water to use it.  It's always really fun to paint with.

I loosely based my beehive off of this darling art from Rifle Paper Co.

I really loved this quote, "The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others." St. John Chrysostom.

I added it to the small frame.  It really exemplifies what it takes to earn the honor bee.  You must read the Book of Mormon, then perform 40 hours of service for others.

It brought me much joy to give this to that special young woman who is such a great example to others.

April 8, 2015

21 Pillowcases

This year the young women I work with at Church are focusing a lot on providing monthly service to others.  It's a great opportunity for growth and selfless thinking.

As we were brainstorming ideas I put my vote in for making pillow cases for the organization ConKerr Cancer.  I first heard of this organization from Made.

Of course, you know, I am a heavy sewing enthusiast so pairing my love of sewing, teaching that skill to the youth, and being able to give a cheery gift to others was the perfect service activity.

The girls jumped into the activity head first!  They were so awesome.  At varying levels of sewing skills they were all able to make at least one, sometimes three or four pillow cases.

We followed this tutorial by Made.

They really did an awesome job and learned a lot.

The pillow cases turned out so bright and cheery.  We couldn't wait to deliver them.
A couple days later I washed all the pillowcases, ironed them, and packaged them up to be delivered to our local hospital.

21 pillowcases, ready to go!