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Easter 2022-- What I sewed Edition!

I did it!  It's been five years since I've sewn for the whole family for Easter.  But, somehow I managed. Yes, there was lots of last minute sewing on Saturday, as per usual.  But the end result is so cute. I took like of pictures, but the only picture I have of me, is in the background behind some cute children. But, thus it is.  I sewed this extra sharp pencil skirt from Liesl + Co.   All of the girls are sewn in knit fabric (not recommended for a pencil skirt), but I wanted a comfy knit for everyone to match, so here we are.  The skirt is great! Albeit, not super tight.  I need to try it again in the light-weight woven fabrics, as recommended.  Also, I added about 5" to accommodate my tall stature.  These sweet girls are all wearing Oliver + S pattern dresses.  Little sweetie is wearing the Garden Party Dress, an absolute favorite!  This is the fourth time I've sewn this dress, and it is really a favorite.  See also here , here , and here .  This is also meant to

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