August 15, 2014

How to easily alter your Jeans into Shorts

Do you ever buy clothing without trying them on?  Often, says I.  Mostly, I know my size, so we're good.  But every one in a while my laziness causes problems-- like when I buy $12 Gap jeans that are equal parts too short and waaaay too tight on the calves.  Sometimes when stores say "skinny jeans"  they mean stick jeans.

But all was not lost, I'm always in the need for shorts.  I like them long, to my knees, and purchasing long jeans is near impossible.  So turning jeans into shorts is really my best option, anyways.

It really is quite easy.  I did this yesterday after while the babes were napping.

STEP ONE:  Determine desired length of shorts.  Add 2 " and cut off bottom of jeans.

STEP TWO:  Turn shorts inside out and fold up jeans 1".  Iron in place.  Repeat, again, by folding 1" more and iron.  Pin in place, if desired.

STEP THREE:  Grab coordinating thread and for greatest success a denim/jean needle.
I used yellow thread, which I had on hand from IKEA.  While sewing around, it probably broke about 17 times-- so that was not thrilling.  For best results by strong thread!

STEP FOUR:  Sew using a triple straight stitch for added security.

STEP FIVE:  Sew around the top of the fold.  You can stop here with just one row.  But I always like to go twice, for a double needle look.  Just line up the first set of stitches in the middle of the left point of the sewing foot.

STEP SIX:  Press everything really well!

STEP SEVEN:  Using sand paper go around the bottom edges of the shorts and rough them up.  I used the sandpaper sizes 150 and 340.

All done!  Now enjoy those new professional looking shorts! 

August 13, 2014

Apple Blueberry Crisp (gf + df)


A couple weeks ago I went blueberry picking early in the morning with some friends.  I had never seen such gorgeous, juicy, huge blueberries.  They were a sight, for sure.

I picked a large bucket and happily returned home. Almost every day for the next week we found blueberries sneaking into every dish I was making.

I wanted to make a yummy gluten and dairy free treat and modified THIS recipe, by adding blueberries and doubling the toppings.

We brought it to a party with friends and it was well received by all.

I didn't serve it with ice cream, (though that would have been delicious)-- trying to keep it dairy free.  But, it was so tasty, it wasn't missed.


August 11, 2014

10 BEAUTIFUL Master Bedroom IDEAS

About three month ago we moved into our first home.  It is such a blessing.  We absolutely adore the house and have enjoyed working in it each day to make it our own.

Last week we worked the entire day and removed some really outdated boarders that were in the dining room, kitchen, living room, and bathroom.  Yikes it was no small task.  But what a difference it has made!



Well, now we're on to paint.  The first thing, for sure, that we need to paint is our master bedroom.  It is ceiling to floor PINK!  It's gotta go and SOON.  So, I've been rounding up some ideas for paint and design that have caught my eye.


1. This room is beautiful with it's soft blues an bright whites!

2. This room with the black and white with the grayish-turquoise is divine.

3. This room has lovely cheery orange accents which I enjoy.

orange bedroom accents

4. Another room, a little less subtle with orange accents.

5. This one is very soothing with browns and neutral colors.

6. Oh, this one appeals to me.  I love the colorful accents.

Mixed, Matched, Perfect

7. I love the blues and yellows together, shown here.
Everyday Easy

8. This room is lovely.

 Sherwin-Williams Paint Colors. Sherwin-Williams Rainwashed SW6211. #SherwinWilliams #Rainwashed SW6211

9. This room is cute with those darling curtains.
Such Great Heights

10. The grays and blues of this room are simple and cute.

Aren't these gorgeous?  Which one is your favorite?  I can't decide.

August 6, 2014

Standards Night Jeopardy!

I work with young women in my church and we have activities every Wednesday night.  A couple weeks ago we planned out a Standards nights where we would play a game, discussing the For the Strength of Youth handbook and those standards. 

I searched around the web and found this really useful jeopardy game, made up from the For the Strength of the Youth handbook from YW Ideas from 2 Sisters.  She talks about the printable handout at the bottom, but I couldn't find the jeopardy question handout.  

So, using her questions listed in her post, I made THIS PRINTABLE

It worked out for the game perfectly.  I put it all together in about 1 hour.

Here's how:

STEP ONE:  Grab a poster board, some scrapbook paper, and print off the jeopardy questions (link above).

STEP TWO:  Cut out the printable question squares and the scrapbook squares (about 4" x 3").  Glue questions onto the back of scrapbook paper.

STEP THREE:  Placing it all on the board.  Glue the topic on the right side of the scrapbook paper and glue that in place on the board.  Write the amount number on the right side of each question's scrapbook paper.  Tape in place.  I did all my 100s-500s on the front of the board and 200s-1,000s on the back.

PLAY THE GAME!-- here's how--

-Divide the girls into two teams.

-Each team gets 5 minutes to study the For the Strength of the Youth handbook.  Encourage them to read different sections.

-Write team names on the board and write "Book" twice under each team's section.  They get two helps, in which they can consult the book to find the correct answer.  Once they use their help, cross out "book" on the board.

-Round one is the 100s side, round two is the 200s side.  Once round two begins, give the girls their two helps again.

-If a team does not know the answer (after one minute) the other team gets the chance to steal, by knowing the answer or using one of their book helps.

-Team with the highest points Wins!

There were large candies purchased for the winning team and weird gross things (spam, pork rinds, etc..) for each team to choose from.

This was a really fun night and the girl's had a blast!  It was also an excellent way to study the For the Strength of the Youth handbook.  What a beautiful resource for them to understand.

July 14, 2014

How to add Hidden Pockets to your Shorts (FREE Tutorial + Pattern)

 I'm sure by now you've all heard of the Sunny Day Shorts pattern by Oliver + S.  

They are so fabulous.  So far this summer I have made 5.  Kinda addicted, eh?

Well, I decided to try these shorts out with some hidden pockets that you add into the seam.  

They work really great.  So great, in fact, that the last 4 pairs I've made I've included the pockets in them.

Here's some cute little cheesers for you this afternoon.  
These are all their summer PJs-- hence the rather crazy fabric.

The boys are also wearing their BYU shirts which I talked about Here and Here.

 Click HERE for the full Free Tutorial + Pattern

July 10, 2014

Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I kinda wanted to give this post the subject, "Something Old and Something New... a taste experiment with recipes" ...Or something  that made since better express my thoughts on this fun treat.

Last fall I traveled across the country with my baby to spend a week seeing my family.  While staying with my mother one night I asked if I could go through her large recipe box (almost all hand-written recipes on index cards).

I went through and grabbed tons that I had remembered, felt nostalgic about, looked easy, or seemed tastey and typed them up for my own collection.

Among them, I grabbed this recipe for Banana Cake.

This one I grabbed because it looked so easy, plus it looked so cute and old fashion and I totally remember my Mother making it.

1/2 c. Crisco
1 1/2 c. sugar
2 eggs
1 c. mashed bananas
4 TBS. milk

1 tsp. baking soda in 1/2 c. warm water
2 1/2 c. flour
1 tsp. baking powder

350* for 30 minutes.  Mix first 5 items well.  Alternate warm soda water and flour.  Last 1 tsp. baking powder, mix well.

Isn't that a cute old fashioned recipe?  Where's the butter?  Where's the spices? But the thing that really appealed to me-- simple, mix it all in one bowl.  It seems like all the new recipes I try out all ask me to dirty 3 bowls in the process?  Not my favorite.

So, I had this recipe from my Mom, but I didn't seem to have any frosting that I had written down to go with it.  I'm sure she had some go-to that she used.

So a quick search around, landed me at this one from Our Best Bites.  This one seemed so modern.  Definitely my Something new.

The cream cheese to powdered sugar ratio was intriguing so I just had to try it.  Result? It was really delicious, but definitely tasted like cheese cake.  It was thick and impressive.

Pair this old recipe with this new one?  Wow, it was so fantastic.  The cake was a little plain, the frosting was a little intense-- that combo was perfect.  

Add the fresh fruit on top?  And you're just talking Crazy town Delicious!

July 8, 2014

A Look at our Girl's Camp Crafts

So we did it.  We can all check Go To Girl's Camp off our Summer to-do list!

As you may remember I was in charge of the crafts this year.

We made Luminaries and headbands.  

They really turned out fantastic!!

I wanted to share a bit of the photos from the Big day(s)!  Technically I ended up going up there twice, but only busted the camera out the second day.  The first day I was running around like a crazy woman trying to help everyone.

First, here's a look at the youth finishing off their Luminaries.  
Day one, everyone pretty much got their stencils drawn, cut out, and sprayed the gloss on their jars.  Quite a few of the girls learned that if you put too heavy a coat it looks goopy.  Two light coats are better than one thick one!

Day two, everyone peeled off the stencils and added the wire.  Which, I might add is no small task.  Team work was often the key here.

But the girls knew a good place for help. 
 (below) He alone probably made half the girl's handles.

Here I am, below struggling along.  I made about four handles and worked up quite the sweat each time.

I had to laugh as one of the girl's sat down and just went to town and made her handle in like 30 seconds flat.  I marveled and told her, "Wow, you must have experience working with wire."

She shrugged and said, "Not really.  But I do build fences and work a lot with barbwire."

Ha, ha, no wonder she was a natural!

Here are some of the Luminaries all done.  Aren't they great!

I wasn't there for testimony, but I heard all the girls brought theirs and it was fantastic looking!

The headbands were really self directed.  I had print outs of all the directions and the girls just came and helped their selves and made some really cute headbands!

Here they are chatting and working.  Isn't that the best way to do crafts?

I have only a couple finished projects.  Here's a headband made into a bracelet.

And two cute headbands.

 Girl's camp was So fun! 
 It's such a special place and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of it this year!