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Hello all, how's your summer been?  We've been busy, busy having fun and traveling all around.  So far we've been to four states, one National Park, and have plans for more fun in our horizon.  

All this playing around doesn't lend itself to sitting around and sewing like I like to do.  But I did notice that my girl was in need of some more shorts.  Using a pair of her shorts that I liked, I drafted a pattern to sew some up. It's a quick sew, about 45 minutes-- especially when you're stopping often to take photos.

 I loved how they turned out.  They're simple, functional and fit her just right.
Please note, she is a petite 2 1/2 year old, for a bigger size please add a 1/4 inch on all sides.

Click HERE for your FREE Simple Shorts Pattern.

Click HERE for the FREE Simple Shorts Tutorial.

Above I did the pocket option.

Below, I skipped the pockets.

Happy Sewing.

If you sew these up, please let me know, I'd love to see them.


Unknown said…
Shorts are awesome for summertime!! I've scheduled a post on Craft Gossip tomorrow morning that will link to your tutorial:

Emily Thompson said…
very cute! I'm always looking for more kids shorts ideas... Emily @ Nap-Time Creations
Jessica Cobb said…
Love this! I needed a good shorts pattern for my son this summer!
Carmen N said…
I was just looking through my daughter's wardrobe last week and realized we are horribly low on shorts this year. Thanks for the tutorial!
Cute shorts!! I would love to make these for my nephews!! TFS!!

Stopping by from A Glimpse Inside's linky party. I am your newest follower.

Here is what I shared this week:
marilyn said…
Have you tried "sew through sport elastic"? It's available from "HomeSew"(which has it MUCH cheaper than JoAnn or Walmart). It has 4 lines unknitted along the length, you sew along the lines to attach the elastic directly to the waist of the shorts, no casing, no safety pin business. (I sew shorts in 15 minutes) I measure person's waist, cut elastic 7 inches smaller than person's real waist measurement.Overlap elastic edges one half inch & Sew elastic in circle.(I like to wrap the overlapped stitch area with a ribbon) When cutting out pants, fold down waistline edge, allow only one half inch above waist as there will NOT be a casing. Finish shorts as usual. Fold down one half inch of fabric at waistline edge, iron it so it stays down. Divide waistline edge into 4,mark with pins. Divide circle of elastic into 4s. Starting at center back,lay the elastic one eighth inch below folded edge, stitch along uppermost line in elastic, STRETCH elastic to match the four division points. Continue to attach elastic to shorts until all four rows are stitched. Writing it out, it looks complicated, but it just takes a bit of practice. The shorts look store bought. I have used this kind of elastic for more than 25 years, my six children wore handed down shorts that looked new.I use the same technique to put elastic in everyone's flannel jammies that I sew now.Give the "4 line"stuff a try, you'll like it!
Great idea. I'll have to try this some time. This is the same way I've been sewing pants/shorts since I was about 14 years old.
Unknown said…
I sew for charity ( need a simple shorts pattern that can be used for both girls and boys. How can I modify this pattern to make it for bigger kids?

I would need to modify for a range of sizes.
Unknown said…
Thank You so much.I have been sewing for 43 yrs and usually have a pattern but I could not find one small enough for my grandson to have some new shorts.This is great!
jaybee77 said…
I've sewn this pattern twice now.

The written and visual instructions and the pocket option are great, but it is a badly drafted pattern.

The inside back leg is about 1.5cm longer than the inside front. Also the front of the waistband comes down to quite a sharp V, making it impossible to fold the waistband down evenly. The sizing is very small, it is equal to an Australian size 1.

If you could tweak the pattern to fix the uneven leg length and waistband it would be great all around.
Unknown said…
I'm SO glad I'm not the only one! I'm new so I thought I was doing something wrong, guess not!
CLDreamer said…
What seam allowance do you use? And, is it already on the printout? Thank you.
Faylene said…
I love your pattern and made one pair in a size 2. How did you hem them? There is a portion that isn't the same when I was trying to hem them? This is hard to explain - the front and back legs aren't even, so I'm wondering what anyone has else has done. Love the cute patten. I put the pockets in as well. Just really cute.
Sio said…
Faylene, I have the same problem... I think I will just cut it to the same size and then do the folding :)

Anyone has a better solution? Please....
Yarncraft by CW said…
I wish I’d read this before I cut mine. The pattern is out of proportion, and I’ve wasted my fabric 😭
Smith said…
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Unknown said…
This was a a very poorly written pattern. Like the other commenters, I found that the length and the waistband were both uneven leaving no room to turn the fabric to make the casing for elastic and the instructions for sewing the pockets did not make sense. It was a waste of time and fabric. Too bad, with some minor adjustments it could have been cute.
Unknown said…
I printed this pattern out and when I went to line it up to cut out the lines don't match up on either front or back. I must say this is very poorly drawn out.

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