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October 26, 2017

Our Family Costumes of the Past

Halloween is coming!

I remember Halloween being very exciting as a kid, because of all the obvious reasons you gets lots of candy, get to dress up, and have a fun/silly night with family and friends.  
What's not to love?

When I was young, I remember about four years in a row I was a witch, sometimes with a green face, sometimes with Christmas ornaments hanging from my hat and costume (Christmas witch).  

But a good time was always had!

When I was 12 I did my last around the neighborhood Trick-or-Treating.  My Friend had Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes, which we thought were fun...though we were worried, that perhaps we were getting too old for this.

I pretty much ignored Halloween after this.  
One year in college, I think I dressed up at Bam-Bam.  

When I was a teacher, my husband practically forced me to dress up, and I half-heartedly wore a "farmer" outfit with my overalls and a flannel.  The next year I wore a "bunny" costume, wearing pink clothes, and a fluffy tail and pink nose.

I really didn't get into Halloween until my first born was big enough to wear a costume.  I don't think it ever even occurred to me that some people actually buy costumes.  
My Go-TO has always been, What do I want to sew?

Once my oldest could walk I decided to go with Harry Potter.  He looked so adorable and got a huge reaction from people we saw on the street.

I sewed the Cloak.

That next year he was older and absolutely LOVED Toy Story, I asked him what he wanted to play dress up in.  That was an easy one, so of course we went with Sheriff Woody.

I sewed the button-up shirt and vest.

I'm not even sure when this idea came to me. But I asked Husband if he was on board with doing our first Family Theme this year of The Incredibles.  
And it turned out to be such a blast! 
People would ask us, "Where's Violet?"  
And we'd smile and say, "She's here.  She's invisible, right next to us."

I Bought the red clothes, then sewed on the i's, and the felt underwear things.  
It was actually really easy.

I had a one-month old baby, so I was looking for simple.  
This year we had a polar bear (wearing a baby snow suit), a Monkey, and Iron Man.

I took the red clothes from the year before, changed the felt on the front and made Iron Man.

We decided this year to team up with the kids.  

I sewed the felt tie and the letters for Curious George.

And a pair with Mary and her Little Lamb.

I sewed the pinafore and sized down the white dress.

I had so much fun sewing these cute outfits for the Woodsman, The Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood.  The kids were so adorable.  I definitely love themed Halloween costumes Best!

I sewed the wolf mask and sewed on felt wolf details onto sweats.  I sewed the red cloak. 

This year I was pregnant again and tapped on a 5 minute cut out felt, white # 8, and made myself a Magic 8 ball. 

I let the kids chose.  The boys were really into X-men, so they chose Cyclops and Wolverine
I sewed some yellow binding to the gray sweats and made the belts.
I used fabric paint to paint this yellow shirt with blue accents and made the wolverine claws out of felt.

 And my cutie decided to be a spooky Bat.

I sewed up the hat and wings.

This year we decided to go back to a family theme and be The Pirates of the Caribbean
This was so fun.  We loved watching the movies together and being Pirates.

I sewed 5 vests (and a billion buttons), added felt to the hats, and sewed lots of fabric waist belts.


Back to a little bit of everything.  We had Harry Potter, Batman, a Skeleton, and Elsa. 

For Harry Potter I sewed the cloak,crocheted his scarf and made his patch. I sewed Batman's cape and added Dark Night details to his black clothes.  I used fabric paint and painted all of the Skeleton's bones.  For Elsa, I sewed a cute cape and some long sleeves.

Last year we let everyone pick their own thing. 
 We had a Vampire, a Ninja, a Peacock, Princess Rapunzel, and baby Where's Waldo!

I sewed up the peacock costume with knit fabric, paint, and cardboard, I added all the ninja details to black sweats, I changed the Harry Potter robe into a Vampire Cloak. I sewed the Waldo fat out of fleece, and added flower details to Rapunzel's long hair.

Ah, that was a fun look back at all our Halloween Costumes of the Past!

I finished sewing this year's costumes on Monday.
It's a Family Theme!

Can't wait to show you!  
May the Force be with you until then!

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