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December 7, 2011

Christmas Tree-- Pt 1

We got our Christmas tree up on Monday night.

It made for such a wonderful evening to watch Mr. Krueger's Christmas and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir DVD while putting up all our Christmas decorations and getting the tree all ready.  We talked together about the birth of Christ and sang songs.

Everyone was in a very happy, jovial mood as we got the home ready.

We turned off all the lights, sat down as a family and admired the view.

Every thing looked beautiful and peaceful...except for one thing...


Hmm, after further debate we decided the lemon tree was just too much being decorated-- not to mention it probably could not withstand the weight of all those heavy lights.  It's slightly a wimpy tree.  
Though I love it Very much!

So the next day we were back to just the Christmas tree with lights-- just a little more peaceful.

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