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January 22, 2018

Nightgowns using The Building Block Dress.

This year for Christmas I had dreams of flannel matching PJs for my children. 

I had decided early on I'd like to try my hand at designing my own nightgown pattern for the girl's using The Building Block Dress book and PJ bottoms for the boys using Sunny Day Shorts, extended down to pants.  I found great Luxe Flannel from JoAnns that would be similar, but not perfectly matchy.

On Christmas Eve we passed out everyone's new PJs and they looked adorable!

Here's a look at how I made the nightgowns.  

I followed the directions in the book to make the following alterations to the pattern to make these nightgowns.

My girls are really close in size, so I made one size 7 and one size 6 and measured how long the nightgowns should be.

 I wanted the buttons to be in the front so the girl's could get dressed each night by themselves.  
It works great!

Sweet girls in their matching nightgowns. 

The gathered skirt makes the twirl factor on point!

These turned out so cute, it will be fun this summer making some summer nightgowns with butterfly sleeves.

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