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February 3, 2017

Christmas PJs!

Every year we give our kids Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve.  It's such a fun little tradition that we all look forward to every year.  I go back and forth each year whether to sew the PJs or buy them.  This year I asked the kids which they would prefer-- of course they said they wanted me to sew them.

In an effort to simplify I decided to do one fabric for all of the kids.  I could barely squeeze these five PJs out of the four yards, but I did it, with a little creative cutting!

For the big kids I sewed up one of my all-time favorite (free) patterns, the Oliver + S's Sunny Day Shorts-- extended to pants length.  For baby I sewed up the Lullaby Layette pants in size 12 months.  They each fit perfectly!

I was going to applique something cute on the shirts, but in typical Christmas season sewing fashion--- I ran out of time.  But they loved the PJs and were non-the wiser.

The kids really love matching!  And this minky fabric is so soft, the kids love it!

Merry Christmas Eve, little sweeties!!

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