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December 2, 2014

How to Sew 15 minute Infinity Scarfs


At my Church I work with young girls 12-18 years old.  Each year we try to put together some nice gift for them for Christmas.  Last year we sewed them bows and little hair do-dads.  

This year we brainstormed ideas and landed on Knit Infinity Scarfs.  We noticed the girls love them and thought this would be a really fun, simple gift to make for them.

We headed to Jo-Anns one night and ran around picking out knits which were all 50% off.  We had a lot of fun talking about each girl and deciding which would best fit her style.  Then one night we got together again and sewed them all up.  They were really simple and the result is so darling!


1. One yard (or half a yard) knit jersey fabric 
2. Complementary thread
3. Serger or ball point needle or a long wide straight stitch

STEP ONE:  We made each scarf out of one yard of fabric.  Some of them were more thick as a result. 
 If you want a thinner scarf, use a half a yard (cutting the fabric down the middle through the shorter ends).


STEP THREE: We used a serger here.  But you could use a ball point needle or a long wide stitch on a normal sewing machine.




All done!

Here they are all lined up!  We passed them out last week and the girls loved them.


KT said...

Super cute.

Unknown said...

This was such a thoughtful present! It makes my heart so happy to think that you all thought of our individual personalities & incorporated them into something we all love. You guys are so sweet! I've already worn mine a million times♡ thanks, again!
p.s. Cute blog, btw(; I keep seeing pins from it floating around Pinterest, so keep it up!(: