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November 15, 2013

Loaded Questions -- A FREE Printable Game

A couple weeks ago I was in charge of planning a get to know you game for the youth in our ward.  It was for our older girls (12-18) to get to know the younger girls (8 - 12).  I thought and thought about what game would be fun... suddenly I thought about the really fun game Loaded Questions.


My sister in law had brought it for us to play this summer when our big family was all together.  But she just only brought the cards (not the game board).  So, I suppose I've never technically played the correct game, since I've never done the board.

But the questions were so fun and the answers were so hilarious that I thought this would be the perfect Get to Know you activity.

I did a little searching online to get the exact game play, found a couple questions, wrote all the others, and before I knew it I had the game all ready.

The game that night was So much fun!  We had a really big group so we ended up dividing up into two groups.  My favorite answer from the girls was to the questions, "Where is your ideal place to be proposed to?"  Her answer (8 year old), "At prom in college."  Ha, ha!!

Here's how to make your own game:

STEP ONE:  Print off the Loaded Questions Game HERE!

STEP TWO: Cut out each of the questions.  

Then fold the questions in half.

STEP THREE:  Prepare a bag to put the questions in.

Put the folded questions inside.

STEP FOUR:  Print out the last "Loaded Questions" page for as many people as are playing.

STEP FIVE:  Follow the directions (located on the print out) and Play!

This is a great game for a family night, mutual activity, a get to know you game, or out with friends.

DISCLAIMER:  I will mention that I wrote most of these questions with the intent of asking them to girls ages 8 - 18-- so the questions might be a little girly...


  1. thank you so much for sharing! can't wait to play it :)

  2. Someone suggested we play this game during New Year's Eve. Hard to purchase the game in short notice. Thank you for sharing this. My family will have so much fun playing this game.

  3. Thank you for this cute idea! I'm excited to use it! :)

    Chaun from www.hiccupsandpastries.com

  4. Thanks for posting this! My family usually plays Loaded Questions at Christmas, but I forgot to bring it this year. This version worked fine. You really saved me from the doghouse!